Here we are lives apart;

            Distance is a way of life.

As it is with matters of heart;

            Each word a twist of a knife.

What I feel should be no surprise;

            All efforts to resist in vain.

To continue on I will surmise;

            Shall bring my Soul great pain.

All I want in life to see;

            The beauty of your grace.

In front of which my mind will flee;

            As mine eyes gaze upon your face.

Eyes of Emerald shards so fine;

            Voluptuous beauty rare.

Lips as sweet as well aged wine;

            Heart burning as I stare.

I yet yearn that day to come;

            This great burden I must carry.

I traverse quickly, in haste to some;

            I promise you I shall not tarry.

The faster I go, the further you get;

            Why must it be this way?

I force the struggle onward yet;

            To concede to failure, NAY!

I may not make it to the end;

            I shan’t stop less I do.

Dreams of touch in which you send;

            I strain to earn my due.

You’re blinding light to bask in, my prize;

            My stamina put to task.

To praising your visage I give rise;

            Sweet honey from the Golden Flask.

As I carry onward still;

            To surrender my beating heart.

Dread pours into mine Soul to fill;

            We are still lives apart.

– Auguratrix


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