On Family and God

There are things in life that are very important to me. Two of those things are history and family. Combined together they become my genealogy. I do as much research into my family history as time and money will allow. I have been lucky enough to get my genealogy all the way back to 1683. This is where documents and factual information start to become scarce. So I recently ordered a DNA test for ancestry purposes. I am hoping it will help connect me to some distant relatives who have also done the DNA screening.

I am extremely proud of my family history as whole, although we do have some glaring issues from the past. People in my family have fought in every major war in United States history. Revolution, Civil, 1812, Spanish American, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf, and Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. One of my ancestors had a home right next to Thomas Jefferson’s plantation at Monticello. One had something to do with the formation of West Virginia (still researching facts for that one). I have reasons to proud.

I was gifted with two wonderful daughters early in my marriage. But not a son. I understand this is a patriarchal thought but I was always dismayed that my line would die with me. Then a year ago the miraculous occurred; my son was born. Eleven years separates my son from my youngest daughter. I consider him to be a special gift from God. So I am looking forward to my children growing up. I am looking forward to the day when my house will be filled with grand-babies who I can teach the family history too. It makes me smile to know that my surname will continue onwards as well through my boy.

I am thankful everyday for every blessing God has given me. My family, my home… everything I have in my possession is because of Him and He deserves all the glory for that. I have sinned most of my life in ways that should damn me to hell. I have committed atrocities and have been evil at times. Yet God has grabbed me up and covered me in His grace. He is restoring my feelings and is giving me joy. Slowly my life has been twisted from something perverse into something magnificent.

I know not everyone believes. I know some do not care one bit. I also know that some completely refuse to admit there is anything more. That is your choice… but as for me and my house we chose the Lord.


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