The Sadness of my Addiction


Addiction, it is more than drugs and alcohol. Some say it is will power and some say it is a disease. Perhaps it is a little of both in my case. I have always thought of myself as of being of strong mind yet here I sit admitting that I have a problem. It was always there lurking but in my life up to this point I was to busy to notice it. My wife did, but as all arrogant headstrong men, I ignored her pleas.

My addiction is not drugs or alcohol… it is, this may sound stupid but it is true nonetheless, spending money. That’s right. If I have it I will spend it. It’s a sad state of affairs really. When I was younger we were pretty much dirt poor and I mean we had no money to spend. Now that I am an adult and have some money all I want to do is spread it around. My wife is opposite, she to was living in a poorer household yet she wants to hoard money. She isn’t miserly but she does not like to spend money if she does not have to. I, on the other hand, want what I want when I want it and will drop tons of money to get it. I am an impulse shopper too.

Well… thanks to my addiction to spending the coins and my wife’s role in beating it into my head I am on a path of hopeful recovery. I have been praying about this and I know God’s will be done in this matter. All I can do is continue to place it in God’s hands and pray. He will show me the way and help me along my path.


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