2016 Presidential Race

It has been a heated race these past two years. Although I am a Senator Ted Cruz man I supported Donald Trump once he won the primary. I simply ignored all the vitriol between he and the others running and focused on the issues at hand. I set aside what bad he had done that came out late in the game for that was more than a decade ago and he professes to be a born again Christian. I felt I should take him at his word. I could not even think of voting Clinton. Within my mind’s eye she is evil to the core. Lies, mishandling of classified documents and the pay to play scheme through the Clinton Foundation is not just recent but ongoing. The media and the establishment hates Trump which made me want to vote for him even more. He is a fighter for sure and even if he does something impeachable, which I doubt, his Vice President is a solid Conservative which is excellent in my book.

My thoughts tonight are about polls and media coverage. The media is obviously left leaning and even Fox News is going that way. All the coverage was on Trump and most of it was negative. There was barely anything about Clinton in the news. It reminded me of the Wizard of Oz; “Pay no attention to the candidate behind the curtain…” “Move along now folks, nothing to see here”. The polls were just as bad. Misleading at the least and downright biased at their worst. Of course after watching previous elections this is no surprise. Both polls and media coverage are no longer about giving the public information but attempting to manipulate public opinion. In this case it backfired.

Trump won big on Tuesday. He even managed to flip a few blues to red. Impressive. I call it #AmericaStrikesBack. The entire media was completely disillusioned when the discovered their master plan failed miserably. They just could not believe it. The truth is Hillary Clinton and the establishment Republicans are directly responsible for Trump winning. The more criminal activity Clinton was implicated in and the more hate she and establishment types heaped on top of Trump the tighter the voters held to him.

There is a lesson here somewhere. Listen to your constituents when they tell you what they want. Stop taking lobbyist money and think about the country and the people in it first. Overall a politician is his/her own worst enemy…

– Auguratrix


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